Black History Month Spotlight: Bill Cosby


Today’s Black History Month spotlight is on actor, comedian, and producer Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby
  • William Henry “Bill” Cosby, Jr. was born in Philadelphia, PA on July 12, 1937.
  • Bill Cosby was the first African-American to co-star (with Richard Culp) in a network television drama for the adventure series,  I Spy, in 1965. I Spy was the start of Cosby’s long entertainment career.
  • The series was aired on the NBC network, and in the first season, three states declined the air the show on their local networks: Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.
  • Despite that, the series became a hit among audiences and earned Bill 3 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Series.
  • Cosby went on to become a successful stand-up comedian and a producer of more successful television shows. Among those, he is most known for the creation of the 70s cartoon Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids as well as the grown breaking 80s and 90s sitcom, The Cosby Show.


Opening Theme for I Spy


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