Need Moisture for Your Tresses? Try Burnt Sugar Pomade!


Burnt Sugar Pomade – by Oyin Handmade

Within the last couple of years, I have become really enthusiastic about haircare. I have really thick, coarse hair which is prone to dryness, and when I first went natural, I had been looking high and low for a moisturizer that would remedy that problem.

Whether my hair is in two-strand twists, a twist-out, or an afro, I always get the same compliments when I’m out and about: “It looks so healthy and shiny!” When people feel my hair, some are pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s soft. And, I always get the same question: “What do you use on your hair?” I figured it wouldn’t be be fair to keep all the hair and beauty secrets to myself! So, let me introduce some and re-acquaint others to Oyin Handmade’s Burnt Sugar Pomade.

Some time ago, I began using this gem. Its ingredients are all-natural and the pomade adds shine and moisture to hair prone to dryness. I have been using this pomade for almost a year, and it never fails me.  It always provides the right amount of moisture and great shine! Although it’s called a “pomade,” it is not super heavy, which is important, because who wants to feel like they have product in their hair? Another reason why I love the pomade is because it smells delicious: like warm vanilla or a sugar cookie.

I use the pomade on wet and dry hair when styling; to rejuvenate my dry twists, and to moisturize my afro. You can also moisturize your scalp, if that’s a problem area for you, because it doesn’t clog the pores! (at least in my experience) The pomade goes a long way, too. I have the largest size (8oz.), and after about 9 months of consistent use, I am just now having to buy another one.

How much is it?: $10 for 4oz.; $16 for 8oz.

Where can I get it from?: Oyin’s site –

Does anyone else use the Burnt Sugar Pomade? What was your experience like? Let me know what you think!


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  1. Wonderful! i just checked them out! Their site is awesome

    Since recently ‘going natural’, i’m concerned: what other hair care products do you suggest?

  2. Hey!

    Well, I have to say that everything doesn’t work for everyone. When I went natural, I had to kind of experiment with different hair products and see which ones my hair liked. So, with that said, I can only tell you what has worked for me thus far:

    Pure Unrefined Shea butter – it seals in the moisture after you use a penetrating oil.

    Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, or Olive – it helps to moisturize your ends and penetrates your strands

    Non-sulfate shampoo/conditioner – sulfates are damaging to the hair because they dry out the hair strands. Some examples of great non-sulfate shampoos I’ve used: Giovanni Deeper Moisture shampoo and conditioner (sometimes you can find this at TJ Maxx), Organix sulfate free shampoo and conditioner (you can find this at Walmart in all different fragrances). There are plenty others out there as well.

    Deep conditioner – it’s so important to not only condition your hair, but deep condition it as well. I would suggest buying a DEEP conditioner that indicates it’s designed to deep condition your hair.

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